Brad invites Pinoy fans to Singapore

In a phone interview with The Star, Brad shared his fondest memory during Linkin Park’s concert in the Philippines in 2004 and invites LP’s Pinoy fans to watch them in Singapore.

Linkin Park guitarist shared his fondest memory during the rap-metal band’s concert in the Philippines last 2004. “I tasted the best chicken (barbeque) in the Philippines. It was served during the concert. We could not forget that,” Brad Delson told The STAR in an exclusive phone interview.

Linkin Park is headlining the 2011 Formula 1 Grand prix’s Race Day on Spetember 25. They’re not coming to the Philippines but he’s inviting Linkin Park’s Pinoy fans to watch them at Singapore. The band’s latest work “A Thousand Suns” was released late last year, and has produced two No. 1 singles to date.

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