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LPU M&G pics from South East Asia

LPU M&G pics from South East Asia
Woo! hoo!! the band have uploaded LPU meet and greet photos from Singapore, Bangkok, Jakarta and Taipei. Shout out to Hendry who's holding the LP Times fan :-), thanks Hendry and in case you're wondering I'm the one sitting next to Brad and yes I'm a girl lol! Full story

Linkin Park in Singapore full show

DustFromSky has uploaded the entire Linkin Park concert in Singapore woo! hoo! (bows to the guy), watch below, concert starts at around 8:20 minute mark. Ahh.. so good to relive this amazing and awesome night. 50,000 people at the Padang that night! Touring can be gruelling for bands sometimes so Thank You Linkin Park for coming to our shores again and again, we ... Full story

Linkin Park in Jakarta coverage

CBN has captured an interview with Chester on Jakarta radio station, Prambors FM. Watch video coverage of Linkin Park's concert in Jakarta from various TV stations. Also check out photos (me wants that Chester and Rob standee) and a review of the the Jakarta show from bloggers. Full story

Mike’s thoughts on the ATS Tour

Mike has updated his blog with a new entry that sums up his thoughts about the A Thousand Suns tour. Just as I suspected, Phoenix suffered from food poisoning and thus did not play at the Bangkok concert. Linkin Park are now back home, the band will play their last concert at the DeLuna Festival on October 16, tickets are now ... Full story

Singapore LPU members pics

Singapore LPU members pics
I've uploaded pictures of Singapore LPU members at the meet and greet last night, if you're on Facebook, the pics are here, feel free to tag yourself. If you would like to share your pics, email me at the link to your facebook album, tumblr, flickr or blog. I'm sorry I couldn't get a good pic of the band and ... Full story

Linkin Park Tour 2011 – Singapore

Linkin Park played at the 2011 Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix last night, setlist and show info here. Watch some video at YouTube. Read a review from Yahoo Singapore. See some pics at Flickr, Yahoo Singapore and Singapore GP. more ... Full story

Linkin Park in Singapore – LPU M&G venue and time info

Linkin Park will play their last concert of their Asian tour in Singapore on Sunday night. The LPU Meet & Greet session meeting place will be at Zone 4, Padang Stage, right at the front, on the left hand side. Look out for a sign that says "Meet & Greet Session (Linkin Park)". The staff will meet you there at 8pm sharp and they will ... Full story

Mike Shinoda is now on Facebook

Mike is now on Facebook, his official facebook page is at Full story

Chester and Joe at Singapore F1

Photos of Joe and Chester at the Singapore Formula 1 Grand Prix, thanks to LPA and wsahn7 at twitter for the  tips. Linkin Park will play their last concert of their Asian tour on Sunday night at the Padang. Full story

Linkin Park Tour 2011 – Bangkok, Thailand

Linkin Park played at the Active Square in Bangkok, Thailand on Friday, setlist and show info here. Huge thanks to Ammie for the setlist, she has also uploaded some od her meet and greet pictures, see page 1, page 2, page 3, page 4,  page 5,, page 6,. Watch some ... Full story
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