Burn It Down game

Linkin Park have posted a new game at http://burnitdown.linkinpark.com, here’s the instruction on how to play the game thanks to _Depression over at LPA forum. When you have completed the game you will get a message saying “you’re one step closer” and it will then ask you to come back tomorrow.

- Left click to shoot bullets
- As you shoot, you move in the opposite direction at increasing speeds
- There are “edges” to the playable area
- Shooting bullets will eventually form into clusters, first gray, then blue, then red
- Eating (colliding with) black/blue clusters makes your player cluster bigger
- Eating blue clusters plays a clip
- Colliding with red clusters kills you

this is what you’ll see when you completed the game, thanks to @Amasicators for the screencap

2 Comments on “Burn It Down game”

  • medha wrote on 30 June, 2012, 8:22

    its an amazinggggg song of link in park

  • mary slesser wrote on 30 June, 2012, 8:24

    its an amazinggggg song of link in park

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