May News 2005

May 31, 2005

Linkin Park to play at the Live 8
posted by Jas, 05/31/05
Has it really been 20 years? how time flies, I still remember the first concert as if it was yesterday. Sir Bob Geldof confirmed plans for Live 8 today and released a list of performers to perform at the concert and Linkin Park is included. Unlike the first Live Aid concert which was organised in 1985 for the famine relief for Ethiopia, this time it is being put together to raise awareness about global poverty. The concert will be held on July 2 in London, Philadelphia, Paris, Berlin and Rome, all on the same day. It's not stated where Linkin Park will be performing but if it's in Philadelphia, it will probably be at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Here's a report from Variety. Please note that this has not been confirmed on so wait for the official confirmation before you start making plans.

Bob Geldof and Midge Ure today confirmed much rumored plans for Live 8 a series of free music festivals designed to put pressure on the world's richest nations to eliminate third world debt. The men behind Live Aid 20 years ago revealed that this event, in just six weeks' time, is set to coincide with the July 6-8 meeting of G8 nations at Gleneagles in Scotland. But rather than just a twin transatlantic concert as it was in July 1985, this time around there will be five massive rallies in Europe and the U.S.

Speaking at a press conference in London, Geldof said: "We arrived here today because I was very reluctant to do this again, I couldn't see how anything could possibly be better than that glorious day 20 years ago, almost perfect in what it achieved and the day itself." Noting that the concerts would be for "political justice" rather than charity, he added: "The continent [of Africa] in those 20 years has gone into economic decline by a factor of 25%. The result of that is we see people dying on TV screens every night. This is to finally, as much as we can, put a stop to that."

The line-up is still being confirmed, but some of the world's biggest acts will appear on the bill at London's Hyde Park on July 2, while details of the other concerts at the Eiffel Tower in Paris, Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, the Circus Maximus in Rome and at an as yet unnamed venue in the original Live Aid city of Philadelphia, are expected to be announced within days.

Some of the acts already named for the global event are Mariah Carey, Coldplay, Elton John, Queen, Dido, Keane, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Scissor Sisters, Robbie Williams, U2, Sting, Oasis, OutKast, Mary J. Blige, Linkin Park, The Killers, Duran Duran, Razorlight, Annie Lennox, Joss Stone, Pink Floyd, Usher, Destiny's Child, the Rolling Stones, Snoop, R.E.M. Will Smith, Dave Matthews Band, Bon Jovi, Stevie Wonder, Puff Daddy, Jay-Z, A-Ha, Crosby Stills and Nash, Lauryn Hill, Brian Wilson, Faith Hill, Jamiroquai, Craig David, Youssou N'Dour, Yannick Noah and Alicia Keys, among others.

No tickets are being sold for the London event. Rather, the organizers are making use of technology to offer the estimated 150,000 tickets by way of a mobile phone text message lottery. Every entry for that lottery will cost 1.50 ($2.75) and millions of music fans are predicted to take part in the lottery on June 6. It is understood similar lotteries will take place for the other venues.

The concerts will be shown on giant screens in cities across Britain, and broadcast live on TV and radio. Globally two billion people are expected to tune in. And upping the ante, organizers have reportedly recruited some of the world's most influential leaders, including the Pope, the Dalai Lama and Nelson Mandela, to address crowds at the events in person or via satellite.

Joe at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan
posted by Jas, 05/31/05
Added more pics of Joe at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards Japan. Go here

How Much Is Music Worth?
posted by Jas, 05/31/05
The Village Voice has an article about file sharing, illegal download, digital download blah, blah, blah and use Linkin Park's "Hybrid Theory" as an example.

May 30, 2005

Joe at the MTV Video Music Awards Japan
posted by Jas, 05/30/05
Pics of Joe at the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards Japan

Celebrity Parade at Indianapolis 500 report
posted by Jas, 05/30/05
A report on the Celebrity Parade at Indianapolis 500 from IndyStar

Trying to satisfy a crowd of 250,000 with a busload of celebrities is never easy, but Oscar winner Russell Crowe registered close to a 10 on the VIP Richter scale Sunday. If Crowe was recognized by most of the crowd, other celebs were ho-hummed or went without recognition. Some young folks wondered why Carol Burnett got a celebrity lap around the track. Some older folks with cameras poised wondered why Chester Bennington, lead singer of Linkin Park, was being interviewed. It's like that in celebrity land. Full report

May 29, 2005

Celebrity Parade at Indianapolis 500
posted by Jas, 05/29/05
Pics of Chester and his *ahem* at the Celebrity Parade at Indianapolis 500.

Linkin Park won MTV Video Music Awards Japan
posted by Jas, 05/29/05
Linkin Park has won 2005 MTV Video Music Awards Japan for Best Group Video (Breaking The Habit) and Best Collaboration Video (LP/Jay-Z for Numb/Encore). Full list of winners.

LP to play at Live 8
posted by Jas, 05/29/05
Linkin Park Association reports that according to The Sun Linkin Park have agreed to perform at the Live 8 in Washington DC on July 2. Please note that The Sun is a tabloid paper so take it as a rumour for now.

I've managed to get my hands on the secret line-up for the American Live 8 concert and it's shaping up to be a classic. Sir Bob Geldof has been busy contacting acts to play in Washington DC on July 2. So far Outkast, Destiny's Child, Black Eyed Peas, Linkin Park, Alicia Keys and Mary J Blige have agreed to perform.

May 28, 2005

Shifting Gears review
posted by Jas, 05/28/05
A review of Z-Trip's "Shifting Gears" from IGN

Trip's guest list is one of the more eclectic collaborations in recent memory. From an angry tirade from Public Enemy activist Chuck D to "Walking Dead" - a disturbingly dark set of vocals from Linkin Park front man Chester Bennington - the album twists and turns more than a carnival ride. -- Full review

Fort Minor's Brazil and German sites
posted by Jas, 05/28/05
Wesley reports that the official German site for Fort Minor is now live at, nothing there except an invitation to join the mailing list and there's a Brazilian fan site at Update: Prayer reports that there's also an FM fansite for Estonian fans at

May 27, 2005

Club Tattoo video #1
posted by Jas, 05/27/05
LPU members head over to to download the first of a series of videos from Club Tattoo 10th Anniversary party thrown by Chester and his Club Tattoo partners.

Mr. Hahn to attend MTV Video Music Awards Japan
posted by Jas, 05/27/05
MTV Japan has posted a list of guests and presenters for the 2005 MTV Video Music Awards Japan and Joe is on the list. The show will be held on Sunday, May 29 at the Tokyo Bay NK Hall. Linkin Park has been nominated for Best Group Video, Best Rock Video (both for Breaking the Habit) and Best Collaboration Video (LP/Jay-Z for Numb/Encore). Update: Air dates for the show on MTV Japan, thanks Pamela!

The Show Premiere
Saturday, June 4, 8 pm (red carpet starts at 7 pm)

Making of VMAJ 2005
Sunday, June 19 at 9 pm

Special report on the winners' music video
Saturday, June 19 at 12 am (technically Sunday morning)

Indinapolis 500
posted by Jas, 05/27/05
IndyStar reports that Jack Nicholson has been added to the list of celebrities who will will be in town for the Indianapolis 500 on Sunday, May 29. Previously announced guests include 3 Doors Down, Fuel and of course Chester.

"Rising Tied" delayed
posted by Jas, 05/27/05
Mike posted an update on the LPU board and said that "Rising Tied" will probably be released after summer.

Originally Posted by mshinoda
hope are all well...i've been crazy busy with the fort minor stuff. things are moving a little slow, so the album will probably be out after summer. but the good news is that we hope to get music out to the world earlier than planned. anyway, more details coming soon. i voted for the LPU shirt, by the way. i like #2 the best!

May 24, 2005

Official Fort Minor Dutch site
posted by Jas, 05/22/05
Janneke reports that the official dutch site for Fort Minor is now live at, the album "Rising Tied" will be released in the Netherlands, no date is set yet. The site also said that Snoop Dogg is going to appear in the album but it's just a rumour.

May 22, 2005

Stars help Linkin Park's Chester Bennington celebrate anniversary
posted by Jas, 05/22/05
A report about Chester's Club Tattoo 10th Anniversary Celebration from LiveDaily

Linkin Park's Chester Bennington will celebrate the 10-year anniversary of his Tempe, AZ, tattoo parlor, Club Tattoo, with an invitation-only concert featuring an all-star jam session and performances by Skindred, Eighteen Visions and Alien Ant Farm. According to Linkin Park's spokeswoman, members of Korn and Orgy have been invited, as has have Bennington's bandmates. There will also be guest appearances by the SOBE pro-skater team, members of the Phoenix Cardinals football team and Jamie from Hatebreed. Bennington and friend Sean Dowdell, who once played together in a Phoenix-based band dubbed Grey Daze, founded Club Tattoo in 1995. The parlor, whose window stickers are commonplace around the Phoenix area, has three locations.

May 20, 2005

Kanye West not on "Rising Tied"
posted by Jas, 05/20/05
Soliloquy wrote in to say that she talked to Cheapshot of Styles of Beyond on the Fort Minor Forums and the latter confirmed that the rumour about Kanye West being on Fort Minor's "Rising Tied" album is not true.

Originally Posted by Soliloquy
By the way, Cheapshot... I was on that spytech website and on the article it says that Kanye West is gonna be on the album. There hasn't been any other word on this from Mike so I was wondering if you can tell us if it's just a misprint, or if he might be working on it? It would be really appreciated.

Cheapshot: Yeah, I got that off some article I read...I could be wrong, probably am. Sorry if i misquoted. I'll change that once my lazy bastard of a webmaster gets off his ass! Don't wanna spread false rumors

Speaking of rumours, Mike confirmed on the board, in his own words, FM is in no way an indicator that LP is breaking up. LP is fine, in fact we have been talking recently about new music.

May 18, 2005

Club Tattoo 10th Anniversary Celebration
posted by Jas, 05/18/05
Phoenix New Times posted a reminder of Club Tattoo 10th Anniversary Celebration to be held in Tempe, AZ on Saturday, May 21

Rolling Stone and MTV News are giving his tattoo studio some ink. But Sean Dowdell knows the Club Tattoo 10th Anniversary Celebration likely wouldn't be national news without its star-studded guest list, which includes Chester Bennington from Linkin Park, Alien Ant Farm, Orgy's Ryan Shuck, the Phunk Junkeez, and DJ Switch. "Sure, [the coverage] is because of those guys," says Dowdell, who played drums for Bennington's former Phoenix band, Grey Daze, before opening up Club Tattoo. "But that's the point. That's why I got them out here. I want the media to cover the [positive] stuff that's going on in this community." Okay, we'll bite.

And so will 4,000 others, the nice round number expected at Acme Roadhouse, 855 South Rural Road in Tempe, on Saturday, May 21. The Sobe Skateboard Team is bringing a half-pipe and eight of its own riders, and Dowdell will perform with Bennington, Shuck and "Cheez" Brown from TSOL. The party starts at 7 p.m., with "red carpet" arrivals at 9:30. Tickets are free, but must be presented at the door for admission. Call 480-221-8164 or see

LP won BMI Awards
posted by Jas, 05/18/05
Linkin Park won a BMI award at the 53rd Annual BMI Pop Awards last night. Read press release from Business Wire. BMI is an American performing rights organization that represents more than 300,000 songwriters, composers and publishers in all genres of music.

May 17, 2005

Video Download: Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and House of Blues
posted by Jas, 05/17/05
Okay people I hope you have download the WinRaR program like I told you to because you need it to join the files that I've uploaded together again. The live concert videos from the Rock n' Roll Hall of Fame and House of Blues are now available for download. Click here to download the files, any problems just let me know. Also some of the files that are previously available via yousendit are now available for download as well, they are LP Faves, MTV Ultimate Mash-Up, LP in Hong Kong,PR Tour Special, Twilight Show, MTV Ask Thailand, MTV Ask : Linkin Park, Making of BTH and Mike on Punk'd. Download here

Video Download: Summer Sanitarium, Minneapolis 2003 - Faint
posted by Jas, 05/17/05
Steffi from is posting one video every two weeks from the 2003 Summer Sanitarium tour from Minneapolis. To help her distribute the video I'm also putting the file up for download at RapidShare. File will be deleted after two weeks and replaced with a new one so download it before it's gone. Seventh video up is 'Faint', 19.8 mb in rm format. Please note that this is a bootleg video so don't expect it to be a TV quality. Click here to download, file is hosted at RapidShare, click here for download instruction.

Mr. Hahns Art Figure Proceeds Go to Music For Relief
posted by Jas, 05/17/05
Mr. Hahn's art figure will be displayed at events in Los Angeles and New York, and then auctioned off to benefit DisneyHand's partner charities. Mr. Hahn's art piece proceeds will exclusively benefit Music For Relief. More details

'State of the Art' in Xbox game soundtrack
posted by Jas, 05/17/05
Xbox365 reports that DJ Lethal and Chester's collaboration track 'State of the Art' will be in the Greg Hastings' Tournament Paintball MAX'D soundtrack. More details

'Time To Waste' video
posted by Jas, 05/17/05
Alkaline Trio's 'Time To Waste' video directed by Mr. Hahn is now online at

May 14, 2005

From Punk to Rap, the Varied Guises of the Hard-Rock Sound
posted by Jas, 05/14/05
New York Times has another article about Linkin Park and their contract dispute with Warner

Contract disputes usually aren't much fun to eavesdrop on, but an exception must be made for Linkin Park, the deceptively mild-mannered rap-rock band that's feuding with its record company, the Warner Music Group.

Last week the Firm, Linkin Park's management company, issued an entertaining press release. Among other things, the statement said that Warner Music Group's stock offering might weaken the company's ability to "market and promote Linkin Park." This was a neat reversal, since the usual complaint about major labels is the exact opposite: they spend too much money marketing and promoting bands like Linkin Park.

Even more startling was the group's casual claim that they were Warner Music Group's "biggest act," a claim that echoes one made by the Warner Music chairman Edgar Bronfman Jr., who has described the group as "the biggest rock band in the world." Really? Linkin Park? Those rather anonymous-looking guys who recently did time as Jay-Z's backup band? How did that happen?

The answer is that Linkin Park triumphed mainly by not messing up. Less flamboyant and less mediagenic than their rap-rock contemporaries, the members surpassed the competition by working hard and keeping relatively low profiles. The band's second and most recent full-length album, "Meteora," has sold more than 10 million copies, even though Chester Bennington (the lead singer) and Mike Shinoda (the lead rapper) are hardly household names. Full article

Chester's Club Tattoo performance
posted by Jas, 05/14/05 has a short blurb regarding Chester performing with other musicians at the 10th annual celebration of his three tattoo parlors in Phoenix on May 21.

May 13, 2005

Linkin Park rests.. but not Shinoda
posted by Jas, 05/13/05
This was posted on Artisan News last month, sorry this is late. It's a report on Mike's new project and Fort Minor, nothing new but they have a video of Chester, Rob and Phoenix where Chester said, "I think some of us are more anxious to get back to work than others. I think Brad wants to take the rest of his life off and sleep. I know Mike is a workaholic, so I can't really see him sitting around. I give it up to his wife because she has to be the same kind of person he is because there's no way you can possibly live with Mike and feel like you're getting any quality time. The guy spends more time with his pro-tools rig than with himself. It's interesting I think all of us are kind of in a different place." Watch video here. Download clip here (1.7 mb rm, hosted at RapidShare). People on the Download Mailing List please check your email, file is in your mailbox.

Speaking of video, RapidShare now allows people to upload a split-archive file! yippee!!! this means I can now upload the offline videos on the Media Page, all those live concert videos. Give me a few days to split the files and upload them, I will post an update when they are up. Now, this is important, you need to download the WinRar program in order to unzip the files so download now before the files are up.

Screencaps of Joe
posted by Jas, 05/13/05
jessi11202 posted screencaps of Joe from the Story of the Year DVD on Linkin Park Daily

May 12, 2005

An invitation to party with Chester
posted by Jas, 05/12/05
LPU members head over to the LPUnderground Message Board for a chance to partay with Chester and his friends at Club Tattoo's 10th Anniversary Party.

Chester Bennington and his Club Tattoo partners will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of Club Tattoo in Tempe, AZ on Saturday, May 21 and wanted to extend a special invite to LPU Members within the area. Chester wanted to show his appreciation for all your support by giving you the exclusive opportunity to come party with him and his friends at this huge event. You must be 21 or older to attend this event and ID'S WILL BE CHECKED.

The event will take place Saturday, May 21 at 7pm at Acme Roadhouse in Tempe, AZ. The evening will feature live performances by Chester Bennington, Ryan Shuck (Orgy), Mike "Cheez" Brown (Tsol), Sean Dowdell (Grey Daze), Dirty Heads, Phunk Junkeez, Signal to Noise, Steve Hayworths' Life Suspended, and DJ Switch. Plus full live sets from Eithteen Visions and Skindred!

If you would like the chance to attend and are 100 % sure you can make it, please send an email by Friday, May 13th to with your full name, date of birth (must be over 21), LPU username, phone number and mailing address (this is where we will send your ticket if you are selected to attend) and email address.

The first 20 respondents who have verified they are 21 or older will be sent a FREE pair of tickets (2) to the event and additional information. This event is strictly INVITE ONLY and only those confirmed with tickets will be admitted.

Fort Minor message board
posted by Jas, 05/12/05
Fort Minor's Message Board is now up and running! Go here to talk about the album, etc.

Shalit warns Linkin Park: "You'll end up with nothing"
posted by Jas, 05/12/05
Contact Music reports that music mogul Jonathan Shalit has warned Linkin Park they may lose everything by attempting to end their contract with Warner

Music mogul Jonathan Shalit has warned American rockers Linkin Park they may lose everything by attempting to end their contract with record company Warner Music Group. The metal stars announced their shock decision on 2 May (05), claiming new deals the company are planning are geared towards making investors rich and not benefitting the artists. But Shalit, who once managed Charlotte Church, insists the band are being naive, and could end up losing out. He says, "I think Linkin Park are being opportunistic. If I was their manager I would quietly be giving them a health warning. "I'd be saying, 'Don't be too clever - this marketplace moves very fast these days and you can fall off pretty quickly.' "Linkin Park run the risk of being martyrs and martyrs often end up with nothing." Linkin Park still owe Warner four more albums under the terms of their contract.

May 9, 2005

Chester to attend Indinapolis 500
posted by Jas, 05/09/05
Gentlemen start your engine! IndyStar reports that Chester will be in town for the Indianapolis 500 later this month.

Attention Linkin Park fans: Lead singer Chester Bennington will be in town for the Indianapolis 500 later this month. Bennington's manager, Mike Brown -- better known in the music industry as Cheez -- was at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway on Sunday's opening day with his wife, Jennifer Pagan, scoping the place out. Cheez lives in Los Angeles but maintains a home in Kokomo. He said Bennington is a frequent visitor to Indiana.

"He also loves open-wheel racing," Cheez said. The idea of getting tickets to see the race blossomed into something more as the IMS invited Bennington as a VIP guest. Bennington's pre-race schedule is still being finalized, but he's expected to ride a float in the 500 Festival Parade, take a ride in a two-seater at the track and attend the Snakepit Ball, in addition to going to the race itself. Cheez also manages Dirty Heads, a band under contract with Warner Bros., and is marketing manager for the band Korn.

A Band Makes Its Case Against Record Label
posted by Jas, 05/09/05
New York Times has posted a report about the legal battle between LP and Warner with statement from Brad.

The invitation to play at the stock exchange "just exemplifies how out of touch the ownership of the Warner Music Group is with our band," said Brad Delson, the group's guitarist and primary spokesman, in his first interview since the Grammy-winning band issued its demand in a written statement that criticized the company. "It doesn't make any sense to us why we would play a show at the New York Stock Exchange. I don't know what was going through their minds."

Mr. Delson, in a telephone interview on Friday, characterized Linkin Park's stand as one of principle, not profit. The soon-to-be publicly traded company "is bad news and that's why we don't want to stick around and see what happens," Mr. Delson said. "There is no negotiation taking place," he added. "We want off the Warner Music Group." Asked if a large advance from the company might diminish his concerns, Mr. Delson said, "unfortunately, we're past that point."

"Listen, Warner Music Group obviously doesn't want anyone to focus on the fact that they've cut and they've cut," Mr. Delson said. He added that he believes the company has tried to "disparage" the band as greedy stars, even as the investors are "sucking out the cash and putting it into their own pockets."

Mr. Delson would not discuss details of the band's contract talks with Warner, and he denied any connection between his band's protest and the management company's relationships. "Warner Music Group's problem isn't with the Firm, it's with Linkin Park," he said. "These concerns are ours."

"We're 100 percent committed to making sure that Linkin Park continues to be successful and we continue to have the relationship that we have with our fans," he said. "We have a voice and we intend to use it." Full report

May 7, 2005

Merchandise firm thinking 'outside the t-shirt'
posted by Jas, 05/07/05
Reuters has a report about Bandmerch and how the merchandising company run their business.

Linkin Park contract threat bad timing for label
posted by Jas, 05/07/05
More report about the legal battle between LP and Warner from Reuters/Billboard.

Linkin Park's demand to be released from its Warner Music Group contract on the eve of the major label's planned $750 million initial public offering is drawing mixed responses from the artist management community. Artist managers interviewed by Billboard say that while the band's stated concerns may have merit, the move is as much a contract bargaining chip as anything.

Linkin Park is said to be seeking a new contract with an advance of $60 million; Warner Bros. is offering $15 million in advance for a five-album deal, sources say. Linkin Park previously renegotiated its deal with Warner in 2000.

"It's 'Show me the money,"' one manager speaking on condition of anonymity says of the band's position. "There could be validity to Linkin Park's claims," the manager adds, "but none of us really know. Have all labels gone from trimming fat to trimming muscle? Yes. Have they all cut so deeply that they can't do the job anymore? Probably yes." Full report

MTV Presents: Next Generation Xbox Revealed
posted by Jas, 05/07/05
MTV posted a report on the launch of the new Next Generation Xbox game. Joe attended the star-studded event at the Avalon theater in Hollywood, California. "MTV Presents: Next Generation Xbox Revealed" will premiere May 12 at 9:30 p.m. ET/PT in North America and on May 13 in other regions around the globe.

Playing video games at a party might normally be considered antisocial, but at the star-studded Avalon theater on Thursday night it was encouraged. a first-person shooter as their friends downed free drinks around them. "Joe just kills it," Linkin Park vocalist Mike Shinoda boasted of his bandmate. Thursday's party was held to celebrate the launch of the highly anticipated new Xbox. The console was revealed to dozens of celebrities and VIPs at the event, which was taped for the global revealing scheduled to air on MTV next week. Full report

May 6, 2005

New LPU video
posted by Jas, 05/06/05
LPU members head over to LP Underground to download the last video in a series of 3 clips of Chester's visit to Thailand last February where he met with the tsunami survivors and helped in the rebuilding process.

Linkin Park has a bootleg to stand on
posted by Jas, 05/06/05
Newsday reports that LP might allow fans to tape concerts for free as a way of forcing Warner to let the band out of its contract. (thanks Victoria)

Bootleggers might not have to sneak tape recorders into Linkin Park concerts anymore. The multimillion-selling rap-rock band, led by Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda, made veiled threats yesterday that it might allow fans to tape concerts for free as a way of forcing Warner Music Group to let the band out of its contract. In a press release issued yesterday through its management company, Linkin Park says it is unhappy with Warner's recent layoffs and is worried that Warner can't effectively market and promote albums.

"The band now wants off WMG and is weighing all of their options on how to best get new music to their fans," the release states. How Linkin Park plans to wriggle out of its contract with Warner isn't exactly clear, but the release notes that "bands like The Grateful Dead and Phish have performed material live and let fans tape for free."

The band's announcement comes as Warner is preparing to make a $750-million initial public offering. Linkin Park is a popular touring band and one of Warner's biggest artists. Its latest album, "Meteora," has sold more than 4 million copies in the United States. -- Full story

May 4, 2005

Video Download: Linkin Park vs Warner Music
posted by Jas, 05/04/05
My friend Jennifer captured news about Linkin Park on KTLA Morning News financial report about them going up against Warner Music. You can download file here (6.7 mb, wmv). File is hosted at RapidShare, click here for download instruction.

News in pictures: Brad, Mike, Joe and Chester
posted by Jas, 05/04/05
The guys were out and about recently, sorry about the delay, life is so hectic at the moment. Anyway, I have pics of Mike and Joe at the Bon Jovi concert in Las Vegas, Nevada, Brad at the Reebok benefit event and most recently Chester at the day 2 of Coachella Valley Music Festival. Go here to see all the pics, click on "Miscellaneous".

May 3, 2005

Video Download: Summer Sanitarium, Minneapolis 2003 - Runaway
posted by Jas, 05/03/05
Steffi from is posting one video every two weeks from the 2003 Summer Sanitarium tour from Minneapolis. To help her distribute the video I'm also putting the file up for download at RapidShare. File will be deleted after two weeks and replaced with a new one so download it before it's gone. Sixth video up is 'Runaway', 15 mb in rm format. Please note that this is a bootleg video so don't expect it to be a TV quality. Click here to download, file is hosted at RapidShare, click here for download instruction.

Linkin Park threatens label exit
posted by Jas, 05/03/05
More reports and statement from Warner from BBC News, Reuters and LA Daily News. A report from Variety below said that the band is negotiating to tour the U.S. this summer.

Upset that no money from the Warner Music Group IPO will go to artists, Linkin Park wants to sever ties with the label. But Warner Music sees the threat to bolt as strictly a negotiating tactic.

"We feel a responsibility to get great music to our fans," the band said. "Unfortunately, we believe that we can't accomplish that effectively with the current Warner Music." Warner Music responded by saying: "The band's management is using fictitious numbers and making baseless charges and inflammatory threats in what is clearly a negotiating tactic. Warner Bros. Records has made significant investments in Linkin Park, and they have always been compensated generously for their outstanding worldwide success."

The band, led by singer Chester Bennington, was about to start work on its next album, which was slated for a spring 2006 release. That has been stopped. Act owes Warner Music four more albums, but said it is weighing options on how best to get new music to fans, including Internet-only releases. Possible avenues include relying more on touring, merchandising and endorsements. Band members contend that WMG's reduction of its workforce and cuts in marketing and promotion expenditures will result in Linkin Park's next record not receiving sufficient support.

Insiders said Linkin Park and its management sent the diskerydiskery several letters last month asking that the band be compensated in a manner similar to investors. After Warner execs rejected Linkin Park's request, the band asked for $60 million and a 50/50 split of profits. After that was rejected, the band released the statement that it wanted out of the current contract.

Two weeks ago, Warner Music Group said it planned to sell 32.6 million shares at an estimated price of $22-$24 a share. A significant chunk of the cash would go to owners Edgar Bronfman Jr., Bain Capital, Thomas H. Lee Partners and Providence Equity. Only about $7 million will be put toward the company's operations, which stuck in the band's craw. The band is negotiating to tour the U.S. this summer.

May 2, 2005

Linkin Park seeks release from Warner contract
posted by Jas, 05/02/05
Linkin Park want out of Warner contract. In a press statement, LP said, "We couldn't be more grateful for the support we receive from all our fans around the world. We feel a responsibility to get great music to our fans. Unfortunately, we believe that we can't accomplish that effectively with the current Warner Music." Read the press release from Business Wire and reports from Reuters and Rolling Stone